Step 5: Create a Concept/Content Web:

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This concept/content web is a tool that identifies the critical concepts and content addressed during the course of a unit. Creating an overview web ensures full integration of all necessary content standards in one or more units and allows you to see the breadth and depth required for instruction. The concepts identified in the web are then used to create generalizations in Step 5 of the unit development process.

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  • As you develop the Concept/Content Web, ask yourself the following questions:
    • What are the critical concepts that will be addressed in this unit by strand?
    • What are the critical subtopics that will be addressed in this unit that supports the concepts?
    • Are all of the content standards included in one or more units?
    • Is the unit manageable with the content and concepts identified?

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  • Review the sample content/concept webs that have been provided for you in the resource section below.
  • Begin to complete your own critical content/concept web that will serve as an important element to your unit.

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