Step 10: Align Assessments
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  • Aligning assessments is a critical component in the unit development process. Use a variety of assessment methods to determine if students have learned and are able to apply the requisite skills; acquire the requisite knowledge; and most importantly, understand the transferable ideas (generalizations/big ideas) from the unit. Some examples of assessment methods are listed in the box below. You should identify which methods you will use to assess the factual content, the key skills, and the generalizations. The best method to assess generalizations is the use of authentic performances.

  • Performance Tasks:

  • Performance Tasks demonstrate what students must know, understand, and be able to do in the unit. The performance task must always require students to demonstrate their understanding of at least 1-2 of the most important generalizations from the unit of study.

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  • As you develop performance tasks and align other assessments to the remaining generalizations, factual content and key skills, ask yourself the following questions:
    • How can I develop a task that will require my students to demonstrate an understanding of 1-2 key generalizations used in the study of the topic?
    • What skills do I want to assess in the performance task?
    • Is there particular factual content that I want my students to demonstrate they know or am I simply ensuring that they present factual information?
    • What criteria should I include in a rubric or scoring guide to assess my students' performance task?
    • How will I assess the remaining generalizations, factual knowledge and key skills of the unit?

Performance Task
What (Topic)
The purpose of a muckraker and how they can affect change in society.
Why (Generalizations)
Citizens who exercise individual rights and freedoms can achieve changes in laws and business practices.
How (Engaging Scenario)
You are invited to be a current day muckraker. Your task is to identify a discriminated group of people and create propaganda through a book trailer and oral presentation. You must defend the group and discuss major problems as well as their solutions.

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  • Looking at the example above, what are the three elements that should be a part of your chosen template for crafting a performance task? How is this more than a simple activity?
    Performance Task- For Wiki Use Example.jpg

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