Step 6: Resources and Teacher Notes

As you develop your instructional plan have you included the following?

  • Differentiated strategies to meet the needs of all learners
  • Technology that helps the teacher to effectively engage students
  • All the resources and supplies necessary to support the teaching and learning process that help the teacher to effectively engage students
  • Extended learning opportunities
    • For struggling students these are reinforcing activities designed to gradually remove support in order for students to demonstrate independence.
      • Modify the task according to the previous grade specific standard
      • Provide a text in the lower grade band range in order to build knowledge

    • For gifted students extension activities are opportunities to expand the depth of knowledge and understanding by:
      • Extending the content standard in the next progression
      • Designing a challenging task based on individual student needs
      • Providing a more complex text.

  • Enrichment learning opportunities enhance students’ education by using their prior knowledge as a baseline, pushing them deeper into the topic, or bringing new concepts to light by using old concepts in new ways. These opportunities should allow for authentic experiences. Projects can be done by students individually, or with a partner or small group.
  • Suggested strategies for students who need additional support
  • Prior preparation that teachers and students will need to be successful

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