STEP 3: Identify the content and skills from your concept-based unit that are necessary to help students arrive at the generalization(s).

The content you select from your unit should be good examples to support the generalization(s). The particular skills you elect to use for the unit are dependent upon the focus of the unit. As skills transfer beyond a particular plan or unit, they should appear in multiple plans.

As you select the particular content and skills for which students will be engaged for each plan, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I included the most meaningful and relevant content examples that enable students to arrive at the generalizations?
  • Is there a balance in content that represents depth versus breadth? Do the examples represented allow students to transfer their understandings from multiple time periods, multiple places, and multiple situations?
  • What disciplinary skills do students need in order to delve deeper into the content?
  • Are there any multi-disciplinary skills from another content area that would be useful to students during this lesson?

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