STEP 2: The Guiding Questions

Once you have decided on the generalizations that will be the focus of each plan, extract the guiding questions for each generalization into your planning template. NOTE: You may need to expand upon your guiding questions for each individual plan. The guiding questions are important because they will serve as the basis of student engagement, inquiry and assessment of knowledge, skills and understandings.

As you copy the guiding questions for each generalization, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a good mix of factual and conceptual questions that will lead my students to the desired understanding(s)?
  • Do I need to add additional questions?
  • Is there a provocative question in this lesson that will require students to engage in a debate? (Note: This type of question may not be in all lessons.)
  • How can I sequence the questions so that they allow students to inductively arrive at the generalization(s)?
  • How do I get my students to ask their own questions during the lesson?


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