Concept Based Curriculum and Instructional Design

This site is intended to be used as a guide for social studies educators who would like to develop their local curriculum using a concept-based model. It will be most useful for those educators who have attended a concept-based unit development training. It is organized as a process of steps, and as you begin to write your units you may engage in several steps simultaneously.

As you navigate through each step of the process you will see each page structured using the following icons so that you can clearly navigate each page.

external image -xiDUX64qUckQnkkIh9SxfFQutuDTu4I9YyF0WSY2Rj5t1aKi6dwXXSgOIMzjrdUFenwEvOF3BnwnRA2_I3f9sgl_dobx-0iwF3-J9Q2Zi2t1BDWViMTh6KmusC3h2W4vg THE PURPOSE -Will explain the reasoning behind the step throughout the process

external image dXpUSJiMq9vuSpZHnwsRlilR1rCiOruGMU_kWobLcXazYtWUDemP5iQxuD7jgVMd1HBA7BESmRd65FUWpcP7NAL9AnzNsweYKcEcPDEdmpler8l83PxVO4rhOrgIFodqIA THE PROCESS -Will offer you guiding questions to consider as your begin this step

external image evEzMVnopdR961AS6Z6JhntqoA_zMcmVWRqH06e8K-wjEDu3EnAeFeZ_XN9He59P7H1F9ILBbaqGj_69roIBz_bEe3StnpoAXu_VznJMvMJ0ewEPlO8bb-hTlfvr4q8PuA PRACTICE -Will allow you time to practice this step

external image qUY-aVqR6L_ZzzChyyZ7G90wUDcQh_ASeR_ZjwrgQmX4-JfqIxS89VOx1mfJuNNoSebURQSoeOCkd3iBQFT9kYlEqs0e24fZuR3R5aSU-6wM7qnKvaiObnL8RnVw0oatPg RESOURCES -Will provide you with useful tools and examples that will aid in your understanding of this step

Three Fundamental Shifts in Social Studies Essential Standards

  • The standards place a greater emphasis on the development of conceptual understanding than they have in the past
  • The standards are written to Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy making it easier to understand the cognitive process for which students should engage as well as the type of knowledge that is the target of learning
  • The standards are organized around five conceptual strands allowing, for greater integration of thinking around the big ideas in social studies.

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