Part One

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Unit Title: My Community, My Voice: People Making A Difference

Lesson: Effective Decision-Making

Learning Experience: The Social Scientist Experience
I. Opening Activity (15 minutes)
As a table group, answer the following question: If you were given the opportunity to move to any place in the world, what information would you need to help you make your decision? Record your thoughts on chart paper.

II. The Learning Experience (30 minutes)

Guiding Questions:
  • What questions do social scientists ask to gather data about the world?
  • What are the primary tools of a social scientist?
  • How does using the lens of a social scientist help you become a more effective citizen?


  • Each table represents a different social scientist. Your first task is to engage in a learning experience in order to better understand the work of a geographer, economist, historian, cultural anthropologist, or a government official.
  • Each person at your table should find the learning experience below that represents your assigned social scientist and answer the provided guiding questions.
  • Once each of you have answered the guiding questions, you will meet with the larger community of social scientists to discuss the questions and material. You will use this experience to assist you with completing a performance task.

Using the Document Analysis questions, view the documents and respond to the questions. Then, answer the guiding questions above.

Click on your assigned social scientist to begin!

The Historian

The Economist

The Geographer

The Cultural Anthropologist

The Political Scientist

Part Two

I. Share Out (10 minutes) –

  • As a group, share your answers to the guiding questions and reach a consensus on what you in your particular social scientist learned from the documents. Be prepared to share one thing you learned with someone not in your current group.
  • Using the numbered card that you were given, rotate to the group with your assigned number. There should be at least one historian, one political scientist, one economist, one cultural anthropologist, and one geographer in each group.
  • Each member of the mixed group will have one minute to share what they learned.

You will remain in these groups for the next stage of the lesson! It’s time to collaborate as a social scientist team and work on a performance challenge that needs all of you!

II. Performance Task Example -

As a team of social scientists, you have been asked to assist the principal and the PTA with making a very important decision. Download the performance task document here to discover your performance challenge. Each team member is responsible for lending their expertise to rise to the challenge!


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