Collaborating in Groups

Educators who possess higher order teaching skills and deep content knowledge are better able to mold young people to effectively collaborate, communicate and grow academically. Professional learning communities offers teachers the opportunity to enhance personal growth, collaborate and share resources in the process. Intel Engage is a community of teachers around the world who have come together virtually to positively impact education through sharing ideas, strategies, creating and communicating lessons, resources and activities that have been successfully implemented in the classroom.

Intel Engage Community for Educators from eNetColorado on Vimeo.

Register to the Engage Community and explore the engage community to see how a community can be used to collaborate and gather information to create authentic learning tasks. Join the Group Quest Group by following the steps below:
  1. Click the groups tap and select all groups (located on top right)
  2. From the "All Group Types drop down menu, select Open
  3. In the text box with "type to filter by text" type Group Quest
  4. Click on the icon to select the group
  5. Join the group.

Request to join a group specific to your subject area.