From Concepts to Generalizations

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Clarifying Objective:

7.G.1.1 Explain how environmental conditions and human response to those conditions influence modern societies and regions (e.g. natural barriers, scarcity of resources and factors that influence settlement).

For the objective provided above, work with your facilitator and the rest of the class to respond to the first three of the following:

1.What are the stated concepts you see in the objective?

2.What are some other concepts that you could teach from this standard? (implied concepts)

3. From the concepts, write a generalization /understanding.

4. Switch generalizations with a colleague and evaluate them. How might they be revised?

Now that we have completed one together, work with your grade level group peers to do the same to the objectives listed below. Select the one that is most appropriate to/approximate for your grade level, and don't forget to use the guidelines that we looked at earlier. Please make sure that you complete number four at this time!

  • craft a generalization for the appropriate CO. Post the generalization on the provided chart paper.
  • During the gallery walk, provide feedback on the generalization. Is it in need of improvement? What suggestions do you have?
  • Return to your own generalization and discuss the feedback with your group.
  • Revise the generalization if necessary.


2.E.1.2 Explain the roles and impact producers and consumers have on the economy.

4.E.1.1 Understand the basic concepts of a market economy: price, supply, demand, scarcity, productivity and entrepreneurship.

8.E.1.3 Explain how quality of life is impacted by personal financial choices (e.g. credit, savings, investing, borrowing and giving).

C&E.PFL.1.5 Analyze how fiscally responsible individuals save and invest to meet financial goals.

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