In this part of the session, the participant will reflect on what the classroom will look like as conceptual units are implemented, provide feedback on the day's session, and take home their unit outlines to begin building generalizations.


The learning objectives associated with this part of the session are:
1. Follow the Unit Plan Development Process to create a quality conceptual unit.
2. Use the Essential Standards to determine appropriate concepts that may be part of a broad unit.
5. Craft quality generalizations.
11. How to apply the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards in the Social Studies classroom.

Aligned North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards
Standard I - Teachers demonstrate leadership.
Standard II - Teachers establish a respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students.
Standard III - Teachers know the content that they teach.
Standards IV - Teacher facilitate learning for their students.
Standard V - Teachers reflect on their practice.

Learning Targets

After this part of the session, participants will be able to do the following statements:
  • I can explain the difference between a traditional and a concept based classroom.
  • I will reflect on what I learned today and what I would like to learn more about.
  • I can begin to craft quality generalizations for my own unit.

I. Reflecting on the classroom

Earlier in the day, we looked at an example of a concept based classroom. Let's go back now to the document we provided to you following that discussion and continue to reflect on what our classrooms will look like. This is something that, we hope, can be shared with your districts, administrators, and teachers as a tool to facilitate the transition and provide guidance in engaging our students in the Social Studies. As you think further, incorporate this document into your reflective process.

What the classroom looks like

II. Homework!

We have spent a great deal of time laying the groundwork for the creation of a quality conceptual unit and the crafting of effective generalizations. This evening, please review the material and guidance that we have provided you and craft 3 generalizations that can be used in your unit. We will share and discuss these on Day 2, using them to begin our work on guiding questions and the rest of our unit plan process.

III. 3-2-1 Exit Ticket

Use the index card provided to answer the following prompts:
  • Write THREE things from today's session that you found useful in considering conceptual unit development.
  • Write TWO suggestions for improvement concerning Day One of this RESA session.
  • Write ONE question you have from today concerning the material covered in the session.

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